11th January

Open Lecture - Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Köln, Germany


3rd February

Organ recital - Chelmsford Cathedral, Essex, UK


6th - 17th February

Two-week residency with Flentrop Orgelbouw in Zaandam to study organ building, Holland


23rd February

Organ recital - Trinitatiskirche, Köln, Germany


11th March

Organ recital - Westminster Abbey, London, UK


23rd March

Organ meditation - St Paulus, Bonn Beuel, Germany


31st March

Thomas Tallis Society Millenium Concert - St Alfege Parish Church, Greenwich, UK


8th April

Organ and Trumpet recital - St Pauls Anglican Church, Athens, Greece


19th April 

St Alfege Millenium service - St Alfege Parish Church, Greenwich, UK (In the presence of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Rowan Williams)


22nd April

BBC radio 4 morning service - St Alfege Parish Church, Greenwich, UK


19th May

Organ recital - Keble College, Oxford, UK


26th May

Organ recital - Leoninum, Bonn, Germany (Private recital for members of the United Nations. Chapel adjacent to the burial site of Robert and Clara Schumann)


6th June

Choral Concert - St Pantaleon, Köln, Germany


15th June

Choral Concert - Stiftskirche, Stuttgart, Germany


16th June

Demonstration of organs in Kölner Dom for Nürnberg Organist Association, Germany


20th June

Works for Piano and Organ - Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Köln, Germany


24th June

Thomas Tallis Society - St Alfege Parish Church, Greenwich, UK


1st July

Festival service - Annakirche, Aachen, Germany


11th July

Organ recital - Predigerkirche, Erfurt, Germany (Thüringer Orgelsommer)


13th July

Organ recital - Divi-Blasii-Kirche, Mülhausen, Germany (Thüringer Orgelsommer)


19th July

Organ recital - Ev. Hauptkirche Rheydt, Mönchengladbach, Germany


29th July

Organ recital - Magdeburger Dom, Germany


11th August

Organ recital - St Nicolas Parish Church, Witham, UK (Concert celebrating 10 years of the Kenneth Tickell organ)


20th August

Recording for Vatican Radio - All Saints Anglican Church, Rome, Italy


21st August

Choral Concert - Basillica di S. Francesco, Viterbo, Italy


23rd August

Choral Concert - Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, Trevignano Romano, Italy


21st October

Organ recital - St Maria Magdalena, Bonn, Germany


28th October

Chamber and Choral Concert - St Remigius, Bergheim, Germany


9th November

Organ recital - Stimson Memorial Chapel, Bonn, Germany


18th November

Choral Concert - Trinitatiskirche, Köln, Germany


1st December

Chamber Concert - St Gereon, Bergheim, Germany


2nd December

Chamber Concert - St Walburger, Bornheim, Germany


9th December

Choral Concert - St Alfege Parish Church, Greenwich, UK


14th December

Chamber Concert - All Saints Parish Church, Merriot, UK

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