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2nd February: Organ recital - Evangelische Hauptkirche, Rheydt, Germany


3rd March: Organ recital - St Simon und Juadas, Hennef, Germany


10th March: Organ recital - Église de la Madeleine, Paris, France

16th March: Organ recital - Johann Sebastian Bach Kirche, Arnstadt, Germany (Bach Festival Arnstadt)


24th March: Organ recital - St Walburga, Walbeberg, Germany


14th April: Organ recital - St Andreas, Düsseldorf, Germany


2nd May: Orchestral Concert - Royal Academy of Music, London, UK

5th May: Organ recital - Solingen Konzertsaal, Germany


11th May: Organ recital - Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, UK


15th May: Organ recital - Queens College Chapel, Oxford, UK


26th May: Organ recital - Heilig-Kreuz Kirche, Bonn, Germany (Bonn Organ Festival)


7th July: Organ recital - Evangelische Kirche, Neusiß, Germany (Thüringer Orgelsommer)


9th July: Organ recital - St Lawrence Jewry, London, UK


18th July: Organ recital - Evangelische Kirche, Wünschensuhl,  Germany (Thüringer Orgelsommer)


20th July: Organ recital - Trinitatiskirche, Stepfershausen, Germany (Thüringer Orgelsommer)


21st July: Organ recital - Friedenskirche, Bad Liebenstein, Germany (Thüringer Orgelsommer)


26th July: Organ recital - MarktKirche, Halle, Germany (International Organ Summer)


29th July: Orchestral Concert - Holy Cross Church, Zakopane, Poland


31st July: Orchestral Concert - St. Katherines Church, Krakow, Poland


1st August: Orchestral Concert - Philharmonic Hall, Opole, Poland


4th August: Organ recital - Evangelische Kirche, Broichweiden, Germany


9th August: Organ recital - Evangelische Kirche, Leichlingen, Germany (Leichlinger Orgelsommer)


11th August: Organ recital - Altenberger Dom


20th August: Choral Concert - Église Saint-Martin de Gensac-la-Pallue, France


22nd August: Choral Concert - Église Notre-Dame de Bergerac, France


23rd August: Choral Concert - Église Saint-Martin de Limeuil, France


14th September: Organ recital - Jörg Glebe Hauptwerk organ, Bochum, Germany


24th September: LSSO Concert - Barbican, London, UK


1st November: Concerto performance - St Marien, Bonn, Germany


2nd November: Organ and Voice recital - St Walburga, Walberberg, Germany


3rd November: Organ recital - St Nikolaus, Köln, Germany


22nd November: Lecture recital - Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Köln, Germany


23rd November: Choral Concert - St Marien, Bonn, Germany


24th November: Choral Concert - Karmeliterkirche, Köln, Germany


8th December: Choral Concert - St Aposteln, Köln, Germany


20th December: Chamber Concert - All Saints Parish Church, Merriot, UK