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14th February: Midweek Explorer education event - Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK


22nd February: Solo recital - St Laurence Parish Church, Upminster, UK


18th March: Solo recital - St Mary the Virgin, East Barnet, UK


20th April: Stops Away! - Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, UK


12th May: Solo recital - St Katharine's Church, Little Bardfield, Essex, UK


19th - 21st May: Choir tour to Vienna with the choir of St Gereon, Bergheim-Zieverich


28th - 31st May: Course leader - RCO study trip to Germany (Leading advanced students to visit important German romantic instruments in Berlin, Leipzig and Merseburg)


5th June: Stops Away! DeMontfort Hall, Leicester, UK


6th June: Solo recital - Queen's College, Oxford, UK

10th June: Chamber recital - All Saints' Parish Church, Putney, UK


4th July: Solo recital - St Michaels and All Angels, Croydon, UK


7th July: Solo recital - St Laurence Parish Church, Upminster, UK (Clavier-Übung III - J.S Bach)


2nd August: Solo recital - Church of the Assumption, Władysławowo, Poland


5th August: Solo recital - St. Nicolai Kirke, Denmark


10th August: Solo recital - Annakirche, Aachen, Germany


12th August: Solo recital - Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Gräfenhain, Germany


23rd September: Solo recital - St. Peter and Paul, Straelen, Germany


25th September: Solo recital - Basilika St. Aposteln, Köln, Germany


5th-7th October: Tutor and Recitalist for the 8th Warmington Organ Weekend


14th December: Solo recital - St. Crucis Kirche, Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Germany