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Welcome to the website of Richard Brasier. These pages offer an introduction to his work as an organist and teacher.



"Richard Brasier offers flawless technique, crystal clear performances and unique, but informed interpretations..." Rundschau Online


" Ludwig van Beethoven's Adagio in F for Musical Clock, Brasier focused on the beauty of the moment, rather than the internalized virtuosic details..." General Anzeiger, Bonn


"The second recital of the day came from Richard Brasier, who opened with a remarkably convincing account of the first of Robert Schumann's Fugues on the name BACH - indeed so convincing was this that one wishes Schumann had essayed a major solo organ work..." The Organ


"British organist Richard Brasier gave a fantastic recital....He showed stupendous technique, very good articulation and phrasing, especially in Bach, and beautiful agogic...the audience was enthusiastic." Braunschweiger Zeitung


"The late romantic Organ Concerto no.2 in g minor by Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger acted as a link between the two [death masses]. The sometimes translucent, elegiac (wistful) longing of man for perfection was quite present here. The congenial collaboration between the young organist Richard Brasier and the conductor Vincent Heitzer was felt to the very fingertips..." General Anzeiger, Bonn 

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, all live performances were held online for a period of time.


One of these recitals was recorded for online broadcast at St Michael's Cornhill, London, on 19th July 2021.

Fantasia in C minor, BWV 562 - J.S. Bach 

O Welt, ich muβ dich lassen, Op.122 no.3 - Johannes Brahms 

Tokkata und Fuge in D minor, Op.129 nos.1-2 - Max Reger 

Consolation no.3 - Franz Liszt (arr. William Faulkes) 

Vorspiel und Fuge in C minor - Anton Bruckner

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Franck at age 65 (1887)

Pierre Petit, place Cadet, Paris.

(Image: Bibliothèque nationale de France. Reproduced with permission)

'Immense work, meticulous, detailed with the greatest skill, in short, a musicological edition of reference in which I am happy and proud to have participated’. – Marie-Louise Langlais

During 2022, music lovers around the world celebrated the bicentennial of the birth of César Franck. For organists, he holds a particularly important place in history as one of the founding fathers of the French Romantic organ tradition, a school of organ composition that would be carried forward into the twentieth century by Charles-Marie Widor, Louis Vierne and others. Franck’s unmistakable style showcases colourful polyphony, and subtle mastery of form. In artistic terms, he was the first to see and realise the potential of the symphonic organ in France.  

Published during this bicentennial year of his birth, Franck’s journey from unsettled pianist to master craftsman at the organ is presented in a new light. The objective of this chronologically ordered edition spanning the three different periods of his life, combines as many elements as possible from the study of available autograph manuscripts, first editions and letters, in the hope of contributing to a more holistic evaluation, in practical terms, of his output for organ.


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