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'Together with Ingeborg Scheerer (violin) and Susanne Müller-Hornbach (cello), Brasier presented the Suite in C Minor by Rheinberger. With colorful changes in leadership and a playful drive, they lit up the nuances of the work.'

Rundschau Online (October 2012)

'Richard Brasier offers flawless technique, crystal clear performances and unique, but informed interpretations.'

Rheinische Post (March 2013)

'The late romantic Organ Concerto No. 2 in G minor by Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger acted as a link between the two death masses. The sometimes translucent, elegiac (wistful) longing of man for perfection was quite present here. The congenial collaboration between the young organist Richard Brasier and the conductor Vincent Heitzer was felt to the very fingertips.'

General Anzeiger, Bonn (November 2013)

' Ludwig van Beethoven's Adagio in F for Musical Clock, Brasier focused on the beauty of the moment, rather than the internalized virtuosic details.'


General Anzeiger, Bonn (March 2014)

'British organist Richard Brasier gave a fantasitc recital in the Riddagshäuser Orgelsommer. He showed stupendous technique, very good articulation and phrasing, especially in Bach and beautiful agogic...the audience was enthusiastic.'


Braunschweiger Zeitung (August 2015)

'The second recital of the day came from Richard Brasier, who opened with a remarkably convincing account of the first of Robert Schumann's Fugues on the name BACH - indeed so convincing was this that one wishes Schumann had essayed a major solo organ work.'


The Organ Magazine (January 2016)


'Richard Brasier is one of Europe's finest young organists.....he thrilled the audience in the cathedral at the opening recital of the Lampertheimer Orgelsommer.'

Lampertheimer Zeitung (August 2016)


'Richard's article on 'Approaching Challenging Repertoire' in the latest edition of Organists' Review for the regular feature 'The Organist's Toolkit' is well worth reading....his guidance is wise and always reassuring.'

Enfield and District Organists' Association Newsletter (September 2016)

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